German and International Research on Oman 1998

Recent work in Oman in the field of development anthropology
by Dawn Chatty [abstract]

In the Middle East, more so than elsewhere, there appears to be a resistance, a hesitancy to allow women to generate activity on their own outside the mainstream, largely male-authority of government. This paper sets out to examine the ambiguity surrounding women in Oman when they attempt to organise themselves into groups and when they set out to contribute to household income outside the realm of female household labour. The paper will first look at one spontaneous self-help effort among the remote and nomadic Harasiis tribeswomen of Oman (in the Jiddat al-Harasis). It will then document and analyse the individual Omani women's efforts in employment at a large institution on the borders of the capital of the Sultanate of Oman, Muscat. And finally it will explore some of the issues which arise when women encounter local government and "big business".

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