Internet in Oman

Oman joined the Internet in January 1997. The official Internet services provider is GTO, the Sultanate of Oman's General Telecommunications Organization. In October 1997, around 6.000 customers were subscribed to GTO's Internet services, and the monthly growth rate stood at 550. For further information, go to GTO's website at or (originally when it started in January 1997). When visiting, don't forget to sign or read GTO's Guestbook. To contact GTO's Internet Services, send e-mail to

The first official homepage of an Omani government institution was the Ministry of Information's homepage which was launched on 18 November 1996. A full list of Omani government homepages is on our page Government websites.

Commercial Internet-related Services in Oman

There are no private ISPs in Oman, but some Omani companies provide webservices such as webpage design, hosting and other Internet-related services. Please inform us if your company and its services are not listed below.
WebOman, launched in January 1998, is intended to build up a community of the people of Oman on the Net. It offers free homepages, webpage design tools, re-directors and other free services including classifieds. Webmaster: Mr. Unnikrishnan R.K.
OmanBusiness is a sister concern of WebOman. It offers webpage design, webpage hosting and related services to Omani companies on a commercial basis. Webmaster: Mr. Unnikrishnan R.K.
Omania.Net was launched by Saeed al-Rashdy of Computer2020 in September 1997. It offers web services such as webpage design, re-directors and specific web services for Omani companies in its "Business Centre". Contact:
OmanAccess.Com was introduced in October 1998 by UMS United Media Services (UMS) and provides webpage hosting and related services. Contact:
InternetOman is an Omzest Group website launched in July 1997, providing Internet services such as free e-mail accounts.
OmanCompanies is a webdirectory of Omani companies on the net created and maintained by SSB Computer Division, Oman. - Contact:
Oman Computer Services LLC
OCS provides webpage design and website hosting for Omani companies and government institutions. Address: P.O. Box 917, Jibroo, PC 114, Oman. - E-Mail:
Legend Computers LLC,
Legend Computers provide general computer services in Oman. Address: P.O. Box 2950, Ruwi PC 112, Oman. - Tel. +968-785628, Fax +968-785627. - E-Mail: (autorespo
Omanpages.Com was launched by Santano Alvis Almeida, P.O. Box 1040, Ruwi 112, in February 1998. This website includes a business directory, a message board, free classifieds and free homepage hosting. E-Mail: and see also al-Shabaka below
Webdesigners, P.O. Box 294, Ruwi PC 112, E-Mail: is run by Abbas al-Lawatia and offers design solutions for webpages, banners, logos and also offers webhosting services.
Associated to Hypermart, al-Shabaka was started in March 1999 by Abbas al-Lawatia as a successor to Webdesigners, offering a similar range of web-related services. P.O.Box 294, Ruwi 112, Tel/Fax 703103; E-Mail: and
Oman Web Site Graphics Design and Development, P.O. Box 475, Ruwi PC 112, Tel. 7730523, E-Mail:, is a website design company set up by Tony Fernandes in 1998.
Orbital Technologies is a Muscat-based company offering webpage design and website hosting. - E-Mail:
New venture established in 1999 offering free home page hosting for Omanis and commercial hosting for businesses. - - E-Mail:

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