German and International Research on Oman:
Conference - Bonn (Germany), 2-3 July 1999

Programme and timings

The following is the programme for the Oman Conference 1999. All events take place at the DETECON Building, Oberkasseler Str. 2, Bonn-Ramersdorf. The DETECON Building is conveniently situated directly at the U-Bahn (Underground) and Bus station "Ramersdorf" and can be reached by U-/S-Bahn lines 62, 66 and 66 and several bus lines. Trains from the city centre / main railway station (Hauptbahnhof) run approximately every 10 minutes from 5.30 hours in the morning until 02.00 hours past midnight. For a map and description, see here.

Friday, 2 July 1999: Workshops

12.00 hrs Conference Desk opens at DETECON, Entrance Hall
(Oman Studies Centre staff at the desk: Rose Nakayemba, Berno Birker, Dagmar Stelkens)

12.30 hrs Lunch for early arrivals, DETECON Building (Canteen, 1st floor)

14.30 hrs Workshop on Tourism in Oman. -
A continuation of the 1998 round table, this time open for all interested participants.

16.30 hrs coffee / tea break, DETECON Bistro (1st floor)

17.00 hrs Workshop on Research and other activities in and about Oman. -
Open for all participants, intended for an informal exchange on any sort of Oman-related activities (until 18.30 hrs)

19.30 hrs Informal Get-Together Restaurant / Beer Garden "Bahnhof" in Oberkassel, Kalkuhlstr. 29, 53227 Bonn - about 500 m away from DETECON.

Saturday, 3rd July 1999: Conference

08.00 hrs: Registration

09.00 hrs: Welcome and introduction

09.30 hrs: Prof. Dr. Moawiyah M. Ibrahim, Sultan Qaboos University
Sultan Qaboos University, Department of Archaeology: Field Research Projects

010.30 hrs: Dr. Lutz Edzard, Bonn University
Zur linguistischen Bedeutung der neu-südarabischen Sprache Jibbali = On the linguistic significance of the modern south Arabian language of Jibbali

11.00 hrs: coffee / tea break

11.30 hrs: Thomas Wyrwoll, Frankfurt University
Rock art in Oman: an appraisal of the current state of knowledge on rock art in Oman and proposals for further research

12.00 hrs: Research on the Oman, East Africa and the Western Indian Ocean:
Contributions by Dr. Beatrice Nicolini and Heinrich Brüllau (copies of papers distributed as participants were unable to attend)) 12.30 hrs: Abdulmonam al-Hasani, University of Leicester
The role of the Mass Media in the Process of National Development in Oman

13.00 hrs: Buffet lunch (served in the DETECON canteen)

14.30 hrs: Naïma Benkari, Université de Grenoble
Traditional religious architecture in Oman

15.00 hrs: Soumyen Bandyopadhyay, Ph.D., School of Architecture and Building Engineering, University of Liverpool
The nature of the fortifications of the deserted settlement of Manah in Central Oman

15.30 hrs: coffee / tea break

16.00 hrs: PD Dr. Paul Yule, Heidelberg / Aachen Universities
Archaeological Research in Oman

16.30 hrs: Dr. Norbert Weismann
Omani shipbuilding: some remarks on different types of ships
(Ship models exhibited in the conference room)

16.40 hrs: Rasheed al-Huraibi, Bradford University
Foreign Direct investment in Oman

17.00 hrs: Recent and forthcoming publications on Oman
(contributions by Dr. Raghid El-Solh, Oxford, and Joachim Düster, Bonn)

17.30 hrs: Georg Popp, Arabia Felix, München
Presentation on the Arabia Felix Agency, München (Infodienst Oman)

18.00 hrs: General discussion: perspectives for research on Oman and the Gulf
(Possibly includes a briefing on the results of the Round Table on Oman in Tours, France, on 30 June/1 July 1999, and a preview of the Gulf Studies Conference in Exeter, 6-8 July, and the Seminar for Arabian Studies in London, 15-17 July)

18.30 hrs: End of the conference

Evening: Informal get-together (Bonner Markt).

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